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Sometimes you just can’t get by with what you can carry in your pockets feasibly. Other times you need to carry something that is just too large for a pocket, like a tablet or maybe a second gun. When that happens, what do you do? You resort to a bag! One great offering for EDC carry bag is the PUSH Pack from @511tactical. This Review sample was provided by the good folks at @lapolicegear.  Made of 1050D nylon, this is one of the most ruggedly durable bags I’ve carried gear in for some time. I’ve been using it for a little over a month and I’m really impressed.  On the fascia, the stitching and zipper work is superb. The Zippers are all easy functioning and have durable cord zipper pulls. On the outside are several mounting points as well as a good length shoulder strap with a removable aerofoam pad. Each strap attachment point also has a small pocket for clipping a blade or flashlight or whatever you want. It  has 2 expandable side pockets that will secure anything from a water bottle to spare mags for your Glock. there are 2 smaller outside pockets on the flap which also give quick access to gear like a flashlight or multitool. The Main compartment of the bag is spacious and divided into 3 sections. The back wall has an area for pens/pencils and business cards. I use this for a pen, Streamlight Stylus Pro, and a small sewing kit. The other wall is Velcro closured to secure whatever you need and then then large center pocket is where the bulk of the gear can go. It’s even got Grommeted drain holes at the bottom to keep from any moisture retention. On the back is a large section of Aerofoam for comfort as well as a belt attachment point to secure the pack against you should you need to. All in all, its Rugged, stylish, and holds everything I need it to while also giving me many more options for prepared carry. It’s a fantastic choice for EDC Bag or a Small bail out bag for your car. These run about $60 and can be easily found Here. Thanks again to our friends at L.A. Police Gear for providing the test Bag!
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